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Dr. Stephen J. Kish

Dr. Stephen Kish is a full professor at the University of Toronto, Department of Psychiatry and Pharmacology with the Institute of Medical Science. He is a Senior Scientist and Head of the Human Brain Laboratory in the Research Imaging Centre. His research focuses on Neuropharmacology/Human Brain Neurochemistry. You can view Dr. Kish’s publications on PubMed.
Dr. Kish is the chairman for the Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty as well as the Alliance for the Defeat of Citizenship Taxation. When he is not busy doing serious science, he is wrapped up in the endless tasks involved in litigation: looking for plaintiffs, witnesses and of course, funding.


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John C. Richardson B.A., LL.B., J.D.

John is a lawyer licensed to practice in Ontario, New York and Massachusetts. He lives in Toronto Canada and focuses on citizenship issues. He is legal counsel and Co-chair of the Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty and the Alliance for the Defeat of Citizenship Taxation. He has been at the forefront of the expat movement since 2011. He has actively engaged in the educational side of the expatriate situation since January 2014, giving many seminars all over Canada as well as the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, France and Ireland. He testified before the Canadian House of Parliament’s Standing Committee on Finance in May 2014. He has been featured in many interviews in newspapers, radio and television. He writes extensively on the issues of citizenship birth taxation, FBAR, FATCA, the relinquishment of American citizenship, etc. You will find much of his work in “The Written Word” and “Media” on this site as well as at Citizenship Solutions .


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Patricia A. Moon

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Carol Tapanila

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