What is the Alliance for the Defeat of Citizenship Taxation (ADCT)?

ADCT stands for “The Alliance for the Defeat of Citizenship Taxation.” We are a non-profit corporation registered with Corporations Canada under the Not-for-Profit Act.

The PURPOSE of ADCT is to oppose the attempts of any country to impose citizenship-based taxation, on people deemed to be “citizens” or “persons” of that country yet who reside in other countries. ADCT also opposes unwanted imposition of “citizenship” by a country on people who do not reside in that country.

Our main activity is to fund litigation for the purpose of ending U.S. Taxation based upon citizenship. This lawsuit will be filed in the United States.

We promote education via our website, social media sites, blogs, media appearances, information sessions and personal contact and support for expats in their OMG moment and beyond.

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