Our Problems


dani 200

I am a U.S. Army veteran living in Switzerland. My bank does not accept U.S. clients. When they became aware I was American, they would not refinance my mortgage. HUD & VA said it was “out of their jurisdiction.” I had no choice but to renounce.



I am no longer a signatory to my own company & had to divest my shares due to my U.S. birth. I can no longer have joint accounts with my wife of 28 years nor remain with my bank of 35 years. To become compliant at my age would be financial suicide.



FATCA has caused enormous friction in my marriage. My non-U.S. spouse refuses to let the U.S. know about his finances. Separating accounts would leave me very vulnerable. According to Belgian law, I have no right to access my spouse’s accounts.



A Father’s Anguish Over the Loss of his Son – “After a year of intensely trying to figure out what to do he committed suicide. This beautiful person who wanted to live out his dream in peace in another land was destroyed by you.” Horrible Struggle due to FBAR