Update on UK Accidental Americans

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Back in June we were asked to do a post on the formation of several new Accidental American groups. There seemed to be some confusion as to whether these were “real” groups or just new attempts without substance. Today, while doing something completely different, I came across the UK Accidental Americans group and want to make sure this is posted so as many in the UK as possible, will become aware of the work they are doing there.

The FaceBook Page is here. Please check out the Page and “like” it as well as inviting other friends to do the same.

The FaceBook Group is here. This is a closed group. You must ask to join and answer two questions first.

Further, this article was posted on our Media and Blog Articles Open for Comment page but I only noticed one comment. I want to make sure it is seen on a larger scale. There were also some other similar articles:

“Accidental Americans” must be protected from draconian US tax system

Labour MEPs: Time to give accidental Americans their independence from US tax authorities

And last but not least, our colleague Fabien Lehagre has once again managed to get media and government attention on the plight of French Accidentals Macron Backs Accidental Americans . Truly outstanding effort and results – great stuff Fabien!

If anyone knows anything further concerning the new Accidental American groups in Ireland Italy or Poland could you please update us with a comment or ask one of our admins to do it for you? Thanks.