1. How will my donation be used?

    Your donation will be used to provide the funds for litigation against the U.S. government. Every possible dollar raised will be used for legal costs.

  2. What are the costs involved?

    The largest cost will be legal; these include but are not limited to fees paid directly to our legal counsel and the disbursements (including expert witnesses) needed to fund this litigation through three levels of courts ending at the Supreme Court of the United States. There will also be unavoidable minimal costs associated with this effort. These include accounting fees, banking fees and corporate filing fees. No one on the Board of Directors will receive any salary costs for their time involved nor reimbursement for any costs they personally cover. We want every possible cent of your hard-earned money going toward the litigation costs.

  3. Will you provide an accounting for the total monies raised and expenses incurred?

    Yes. This will be displayed on this ADCT website and as required by the Government of Canada.

  4. Can you guarantee that this litigation against the U.S. government will be successful?

    No. There are arguments for and against our position and there is no certainty that we shall be successful. If we do not initiate this action, U.S. citizens green-card holders abroad, as well as their families, will continue to suffer the punitive effects of citizenship-based taxation. We expect the U.S. government, with its taxpayer-funded resources, will vigorously defend this lawsuit using every possible legal avenue available to it.

  5. Can I donate anonymously?

    Yes. Please see the options on the Donate page. If you are worried you can ask a friend to send the donation for you .

  6. If I donate will I receive a receipt?

    We will provide a receipt for anyone who requests it. Please remember we are NOT a charitable organization and we are unable to issue tax-deductible receipts

  7. What will happen if the litigation does not proceed through all levels of the courts or ends and there is money remaining?

    If litigation is discontinued we intend to return whatever money is remaining, in Canadian dollars, on a pro-rata basis to those contributors who have provided their name and address. The amount of money returned will be pro-rated with respect to total contributions received-less all expenses and legal costs incurred or committed to. If after having returned funds to the contributors there are monies remaining, these will be donated to one or more organizations having an aim consistent with ADCT. We emphasize that we believe the chances of having funds for reimbursement are very slim. Therefore, contributors should NOT expect or anticipate any return of funds contributed. In any event, this issue cannot be determined until the involvement of ADCT in litigation is complete.

  8. What internal controls will you have to make sure the money is handled for the purpose of funding this litigation, and only for the purpose of funding this litigation?

    ADCT is a registered non-profit corporation with Corporations Canada and is subject to all laws and regulations governing non-profit corporations in Canada. Cheques or drafts from the account will require the signatures of two persons. It is our objective to collect the necessary funds as quickly as possible and to immediately expend those funds (such is the reality of litigation) for the purpose described and to keep all administrative costs as low as possible.

  9. I am just an everyday person. Can my moral and financial support really make a difference?

    A great coach was fond of saying:

    “Winning isn’t everything, its the ONLY thing!”

    Your donations aren’t everything, they are the ONLY thing!

Please understand this litigation should be seen as a “marathon” and not as a “sprint.” Please consider contributing more than once and on a periodic basis! “

The ADCT Legal Challenge fund has been initiated by the Board of Directors of ADCT on behalf of all U.S. citizens and green-card holders affected by CBT (citizenship-based taxation) and has no official connection to any organization or person.